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Welcome to the website of the German Museum of Technology Berlin

News: Visitor information

For technical reasons the following exhibitions are unfortunately closed at the moment: The Historic Brewery and Telecommunications.
Furthermore, due to reconstruction access to several objects in Engine Shed I is limited.

Events: Education

Education for all is our motto – wherever you come from and however much (or little) you already know about science and technology.
And of course we offer a special welcome to the many families, groups and school classes who visit our museum.

Exhibit of the Month: Shutter drop annunciator panel for home telegraphy, around 1900

Photo: The panel is surrounded by a wooden rectangular frame and shows ten small windows. Some of them are activated, for example the ones with the inscription "Salon" ("drawing room") or "Schlafz." ("bedroom").

More than a hundred years ago "modern" masters and mistresses of high-ranking households were calling their servants by an electrified annunciator panel like this.

Glass cabinet in the entrance hall

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Photo exhibition: Max de Esteban: The passage of time

B/W photo: The inward parts (the "spirit") of a portable radio cassette, sprayed with white paint.

Photographs like radiographs: The Spanish photographer visualises the "spirit" of old fashioned technical equipment.

Photography section
2 September 2014 to 1 February 2015

Museum Park: Between nature and technology

Photo of the wooden wind mill in the museum park

The large museum park – containing two windmills, a water mill, a smithy and a brewery – is home to a great variety of trees and plant life. Visitors can enjoy exciting exhibitions and relax outside amongst the greenery.