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The Websites of the donation Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin at a glance:


The donation contains six locations:

Welcome to the website of the German Museum of Technology Berlin

What to see: Permanent exhibitions

The museum presents a broad spectrum of old and new technology. Come and discover the cultural history of technology by yourself!

Events: Education

Education for all is our motto – wherever you come from and however much (or little) you already know about science and technology.
And of course we offer a special welcome to the many families, groups and school classes who visit our museum.

Exhibit of the Month: Sample Case for Colonial Goods, circa 1925

Photo: The sample cases with 35 tins with glass tops, inside are rice, cocoa, tea and exotic spices.

Hundred years ago a sample case like this served mercantile agents to display exotic spices and food seasonings.

Glass cabinet
in the entrance hall

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Photo exhibition: The BERLINER LINSE underway with Auto & Co.

Photo: A model in a black and coloured designer dress in front of a vintage car. © Dominik Nowk

Avant-garde fashion meets vintage vehicles in our exhibition "Man on the Move".

16 June to 31 December
Section "Road traffic" in the loading sheds

Museum Park: Between nature and technology

Photo of the wooden wind mill in the museum park

The large museum park – containing two windmills, a water mill, a smithy and a brewery – is home to a great variety of trees and plant life. Visitors can enjoy exciting exhibitions and relax outside amongst the greenery.