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Welcome to the website of the Archenhold Observatory

The large telescop

What to see: The large telescop

The longest moveable refracting telescope on Earth is 21 meters long and is still today the main highlight of attraction at the Archenhold Observatory. With its lens diameter of 68 centimetres, it is nevertheless still at 8th place of the world ranking list of large refracting telescopes. Therefore, it has been correctly called the Treptow Giant Telescope since its installation in the year 1896.

Exhibit of the Month: Model of the Treptow Giant Telescope, ca. 1895

Photo: The fully functional model of the Treptow Giant Telescope with observation platform and counterweights.

At first a small model - today main highlight of attraction at the Archenhold Observatory and a monument of technology.

The Museum: Exhibitions

Astronomy is observing and measuring – that is the central theme of the exhibition on astronomy within the historic building of the Archenhold Observatory. Already since 1909, the observatory has been presenting exhibitions on the topic of astronomy, which is one of the oldest sciences of mankind, and up to the present day it is the largest public observatory in Germany.