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Museum Rail Service between the German Museum of Technology and the Transport Depot

Photo: The museum train climbed by three train drivers of the GMTB support association at the platform in the museum park.

The museum train during summer operation © SDTB / Photo: S. Tannenberg

"Please Climb Aboard and Close the Doors!"

The train conductor whistles and lifts the signalling disc, the locomotive gives the signal, and guards secure the level crossings behind the museum’s open-air area and in the nearby Gleisdreieck park.

This is what it looks and sounds like when the museum rail workers, with support from members of the Friends’ Association invite you on a nostalgia trip.

A special treat on the September Sundays

As a special treat for the entire family, the museum train travels with a historic semi fast coach ("Eilzugwagen") from the end of the 1930s, between the German Museum of Technology on Trebbiner Straße and the Transport Depot (Monumentenhalle) on the September Sundays.

The shuttle operates from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm between the rail platform at the main building, and the platform at the Depot just two kilometres away. The ride and Depot tour are free for museum visitors.

The Museum Train

The Eilzugwagen 508028-11244-1 was commissioned on 23 June 1937 as C4i with the coach number 73580 Mü. It was manufactured by the firm Linke Hofmann in Breslau as a 3rd Class coach and was rebuilt in 1951 by the German Federal Railway into a C4ywe 36/50 with upholstered seats. In 1966, the name was changed to Bye 667. Until its withdrawal on 10 December 1982, it was in use in southern Germany. In August 2003, it underwent an interim examination in the German Museum of Technology’s workshop, and since then has been used here on the museum’s own rail siding . The coach is equipped with Görlitz III design bogies.

The locomotive was built in 1967 by the firm Orenstein & Koppel and the Lübecker Maschinenbau AG. It is a two-axle, type MB 10 N locomotive, which reaches a maximum speed of 30 km/h with a weight of 36 tonnes. The tank capacity is 800 litres.
The 250 horsepower performance, generated by the Deutz V 12 Motor F 12 L 714, is brought onto the rails by two transformer fluid transmissions, the gearbox, the drive shafts, and the two axles. The locomotive was used by the German Federal Post in the package rail station at Gleisdreieck before it came to the museum.


The trip on the museum train is free. For a visit to the museum, the usual admission prices apply:
Adults: 8,00 EUR / 4,00 EUR
Groups (of 10 or more): 5,00 EUR / 2,00 EUR
Mini-Family Ticket (1 Adult + 2 children under the age of 14): 9,00 EUR
Maxi-Family Ticket (2 Adults + 3 children under the age of 14): 17,00 EUR

Tickets are valid on the same day for the Technology Museum, the Ladestraße with the exhibitions "Man on the Move", "The Network" and the Science Center Spectrum.


The operation of the museum train and the opening of the Depot was made possible by the Friends of the German Museum of Technology ("Freunde und Förderer des Deutschen Technikmuseums Berlin e.V.", page in German).

Please note: All train services may be subject to change at short notice!

Date Time Occasion
Sun., 3 September 2017 10.30 am to 5.30 pm 23rd Open Days in the Transport Depot
Sun., 10 September 2017 10.30 am to 5.30 pm 23rd Open Days in the Transport Depot
Sun., 17 September 2017 10.30 am to 5.30 pm 23rd Open Days in the Transport Depot
Sun., 24 September 2017 10.30 am to 5.30 pm 23rd Open Days in the Transport Depot