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Exhibit of the Month: Related Radios: DKE 38 and Universum W 111 from 1974

Photo: Two square radios of the same size are placed one behind the other. The bakelite housing contains the respective up-to-date technology: an orange "Universum W 111" and a blackish-brown DKE 38. © SDTB / Photo: C. Kirchner

Pop Art with historical touch made in Western Germany: A DKE 38 from juvenile radio days is standing godfather for a "bestseller in new style".

Glass cabinet in the entrance hall

Exhibit of the Month: Color Motion demonstration model, 1990s

Photo: The demonstration model of the advertising wall: Each of the 64 four-coloured cubes is mounted on a small electric motor. © SDTB / Photo: C. Kirchner

Innovative advertising almost 30 years ago: No less than 12,800 electric motors control the message on this "megawall" of eight square meters ...

Exhibit of the Month: Remote control unit for traffic lights, 1959

Photo: The panel has many buttons on its tilted face and a telephone with a rotary dial on the housing. The traffic lights can be dialled with the telephone. The buttons could then be used to change, for instance, the green phase at the traffic light. © SDTB / Foto: C. Kirchner

"Green wave" in 1959: This control panel from Siemens could remotely control up to 999 traffic lights ...

Exhibit of the Month: Special characters for the State Library, 1996

Photo: A new designed "dot" and a small "u" for the "Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke", an ongoing project of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. © SDTB / Photo: C. Kirchner

The "Alte Schwabacher" - a script going back to the 15th century is still to be extended, here with 255 special characters for a print in the 1990s.

Exhibit of the Month: Toilet from a Sojus Spacecraft, 1972

Photo: The picture shows a watering can shaped white container with an orange lid. Extending from that is a handle on which a long beaker with a plastic covering is attached. © SDTB / Photo: C. Kirchner

The toilet is an important component of a spaceship: A malfunction can lead to a spaceflight being aborted ....