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Special exhibitions – covering a wide range of themes

With its permanent and special exhibitions, the museum has made a name for itself as a recognised and independent high-profile educational establishment. It actively shapes the political and scientific debate on the role of technology and science in modern societies by also organising lectures, symposia and congresses.

Photo exhibition: 100 years of Zündapp: Industrial photos by Albert Renger-Patzsch

Black and white photo: Fully assembled motorcycles stand in rank and file at the end of the factory hall. A chain belt with transport baskets is shown in the background, bringing parts to the individual assembly points.

New Objectivity in the photography of the 1930s: motorcycles arranged in exact rows reveal ornamental qualities.

19 April to 9 July 2017

New exhibition: Oceans - An Expedition in Unexplored Depths

Photo: A 1 mm long deep-water decapod (Segestes larva) floats at a depth of 3000 metres and keeps its balance by means of threadlike antenna. Mature Sergestidae prawns are able to generate weak bioluminescence (self-produced light). South Atlantic © Solvin Zankl

Let's accompany thrilling scientific expeditions to the enormous blue cosmos: Fascinating photographs from "other continents" and their inhabitants.
20 January to 2 July
Section "Shipping", New Building: 2nd floor

Photo exhibition: The BERLINER LINSE underway with Auto & Co.

Photo: A model in a black and coloured designer dress in front of a vintage car. © Dominik Nowk

Avant-garde fashion meets vintage vehicles in our exhibition "Man on the Move".

Since 16 June 2015
Section "Road traffic" in the loading sheds

Special exhibition: Mathematics of Planet Earth

Graph: The circular orbits of the navigation-satellite Galileo were set like a net around the globe.

Three multi-media and interactive works on mathematics of volcanic eruption, melting glaciers and tsunamis.

Until further notice

Special exhibition: Seamarks!

Photo: Small red painted electric lantern to identify moles or buoys

We highlight the development of man-made seamarks as warning and guiding systems along German coasts.

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Extended until 2 September 2018