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Education for all is our motto. For men and women, disabled and able-bodied, young and old – wherever you come from and however much (or little) you already know about science and technology.
And of course we offer a special welcome to the many families, groups and school classes who visit our museum.

Education in the museum often means activity – but it may also mean reflecting on what you have learnt in the quiet areas or in the museum park.

Our permanent and temporary exhibitions, guided tours, demonstrations and events (such as children’s birthday parties and group events) always put the exhibits centre-stage. What is this? How was it made? What was it for? Did it change the world? What does it mean for me? Or for somebody else?

We invite our visitors to look and listen (and sometimes touch), ask questions, discuss and look for answers together. Looking back into the history of technology helps us to find our way in the present and to do our part to shape the future.