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Deutsches Technikmuseum - Conference: Sustainability Challenges

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"Sustainability Challenges"

International Conference on the Future of Transport Museums

Featuring all aspects of technology is one of the most important objectives of the Deutsches Technikmuseum / German Museum of Technology. However transport history plays a key role here, as emphasized by the Berlin airlift plane on the museum’s rooftop and the reused locomotive maintenance premises.

We are therefore happy to welcome the International Association of Transport Museums (IATM) in September.

Photo: A spherical projection of Berlin-Mitte. In the foreground the Tiergarten with its many trees, in the middle the Straße des 17. Juni with the Brandenburg Gate. In the back, the Mitte district with its landmark television tower and Berlin Cathedral.

Traffic axis to the heart of the capital: Straße des 17. Juni in Berlin-Tiergarten © FSEID / stock.adobe.com

On 23rd September international experts from 32 countries will discuss problems and perspectives of transport museums, focusing on sustainability.
Redeveloping industrial heritage is only one form of sustainability. Other aspects are: developing collections while space is an ever decreasing resource, or social sustainability, which includes addressing new target groups, e.g. people with learning disabilities or the visually impaired.

Further legs of the conference will be the Communication Museum at Berlin and Dresden´s transport museum.
The conference will be held in English.

For further information and to register – please before 23rd August - visit: www.iatm.museum/44th-conference-2019

Date Time Place
Mon, 23 September 2019 9.00 am to 7.00 pm Deutsches Technikmuseum