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Deutsches Technikmuseum - ERIH Annual Conference 2019

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ERIH Annual Conference 2019

Grafik: Das ERIH-Logo: ein Zahnrad mit den vier Buchstaben in der Mitte


The aim of this conference is to explore ways that industrial heritage sites can be promoted more fully within wider tourism offers.

The growth of international tourism during the 21st century has been phenomenal - and industrial heritage tourism is losing more and more its niche market image and is on its way to be recognized as a respected part of our cultural heritage.
Although this is good news, the question is if industrial heritage on its own is enough for long-term attraction of visitors and for the stimulation of repeated visits? Or if linking the promotion of industrial heritage more fully with other sectors of tourism is the success factor for future tourism marketing?

We will present different speakers with innovative and best practice examples of how the promotion of industrial heritage can be combined with other sectors of tourism. In workshops we want encourage discussions about your experiences and foster the exchange between delegates. ERIH also offers a poster session during the conference.

As in previous years the ERIH Annual Conference 2019 includes the ERIH General Assembly (for ERIH members only), two evening events and excursions before and after the conference programme.
Our hosts - the Berliner Zentrum Industriekultur (bzi) and the ERIH Anchor Point Deutsches Technikmuseum (German Technical Museum) - developed an exciting and interesting programme to give you insights in Berlin´s industrial heritage.

Datum Zeit
Wed, 16 October 2019 2.00 p.m. Pre-Conference Tour, General Assembly and Welcome
Thur, 17 October 2019 9.00 a.m. Conference Day
Fri, 18 October 2019 9.00 a.m. Excursions