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The Deutsches Technikmuseum (German Museum of Technology) would like to invite you to join us for an eventful and enjoyable journey of discovery through the cultural history of technology.

Experience and grasp old and new technologies

14 departments currently exhibit just one quarter of their treasures on 25,000 square metres: Locomotives and planes, looms, suitcase- and jewellery production and machine tools, computers, radios and cameras, Diesel engines, steam engines, scientific instruments, paper machines, printing presses and much more.

Look, try out, take part and learn!

Almost every department offers demonstrations and activities. The workings of a vast number of historical machines and models are shown and explained. Visitors can actively print, make paper, shred grain or accompany our suitcase production line.

Special exhibitions – covering a wide range of themes

With its permanent and special exhibitions, the museum has made a name for itself as a recognised and independent high-profile educational establishment. It actively shapes the political and scientific debate on the role of technology and science in modern societies by also organising lectures, symposia and congresses.