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The beaming winner gives the thumbs up sign in front of her painting

14 year old global winner Gloria IP Tung, China, in front of her painting

Picture detail: A smiling Earth cycles along a road

Evdokia Vallis (13), GREECE

Picture detail: The sun shines down happily on the circumference of the Earth where many people can be seen protecting the environment

Murilo Hideki Ashiguti (11), BRAZIL

"The message from the children -
What we can do today to combat climate change"

7 April to 24 May 2009

A large eye made up of a threatened Earth surrounded by the flags of many different countries. All around the eye are possible ways of saving the planet such as wind turbines and solar power plants

Cindy Liu (10), USA, regional winner of North America

International Children's Painting Competition on the Environment 2008

"I wanted to draw something that would catch everyone' s attention and encourage the whole world to work together as one to fight against global warming now. An eye surrounded by flags of various countries represents the world working together to control the root causes of climate change and doing something immediately and effectively.
Also, I wish that everyone would take action now so that we will have more hope to help our world fight against global warming. I believe that we can make our earth more beautiful if we work together!"
Cindy Liu (10), USA, the regional winner of North-America

Graphic: Joint campaign logo of Bayer and UNEP

"Climate Change - Actions we can take now to reduce our negative impact".
That was the theme of the 17th International Children's Painting Competition for World Environment Day 2008. As every year, it was organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Bayer AG, the Japanese Foundation for Global Peace and Environment and Nikon. More than 15,400 children from nearly 100 countries took part.

60 award-winning paintings

This exhibition presents around five dozen of the award-winning paintings.
The pictures impressively show the concerns and hopes that children around the world associate with the state of our planet.
Each of these paintings is an environmental essay - about the protection of the environment, the responsible use of natural resources and the commitment to sustainable development.

They all express the common message from the children of this world to all people:
Care for our planet as it is the only one we've got!