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Deutsches Technikmuseum - 2009

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The Websites of the donation Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin at a glance:


The donation contains six locations:

Exhibition Archive 2009

Here you can find out about temporary exhibitions in the past. You can’t visit them in the museum any more, but here on the web you can see a little of what you’ve missed.

Special exhibition: Helmholtz Association: Wunderkammer Wissenschaft

Images and simulations lure our guests into exploring the fascinating world of modern science.

23 September to 1 November 2009

Photo exhibition: VEB Pentacon Dresden – The Last Day of Camera Production

VEB Pentacon Dresden

30 June to 1 November 2009

Special exhibition: mathema - Is Mathematics the Language of Nature?

Logo mathema

Or is it a human invention, a tool for obtaining a better understanding of the world? The exhibition invites you to follow up these questions and to explore the relevance of mathematics in nature, technology and every day life. Just realise that maths is fun and an important part of our lives and thoughts.

6 November 2008 to 2 August 2009

Special exhibition: The message from the children - What we can do to combat climate change

International children´s painting competition on the environment 2008

7 April to 24 May 2009