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Exhibition of the Month: LE SOLEIL ROYAL, circa 1690

Photo: The pediment of the SOLEIL ROYAL shows a sun chariot, driven by Sun King Louis XIV, drawn by four horses. © SDTB / Photo: C. Kirchner

During the Baroque era, distinctive prestigious architecture was not in fact limited to fixed buildings on land but could also be found at sea.

Glass cabinet
in the entrance hall

Exhibit of the Month: Jerry cans, 1943

Photo: Both cans are rectangular, around 50 centimetres high, 35 centimetres long and 15 centimetres wide. The top of each can has handles and a spout that can be closed up with a catch fastener or a screw cap, respectively.

Nowadays a millionfold everyday commodity: The journey of the classic gasoline canister into the world began in 1939 in Berlin-Johannisthal.

Exhibit of the Month: Illuminated sign, 1980s

Photo: An illuminated red pentagram star. Its original position was the dot of the character "j" of the sign of the former Sojus cinema in Berlin-Marzahn. © SDTB / photo: C. Kirchner

The dot on the "j" - an illuminated star with cosmic history has moved to the Deutsches Technikmuseum.

Exhibit of the Month: "Elite" cigar box, before 1945, and Captain’s hat, 1950s

Photo: A wooden cigar box: The brand name "Elite" is burned on the lid and the handwritten words "tickets" have been added. The white skipper hat has a black sun shield. © SDTB / photo: C. Kirchner

"Welcome aboard!" Two very personal utensils of a skipper tell a lot about the history of shipping in and around Berlin.

Exhibit of the Month: T-Shirt, 2018

Photo: A white T-shirt with a V-neck is folded up on a blue carrying bag. © SDTB / Photo: C. Kirchner

Really bought with a good feeling? How do low prices go together with environmentally and socially responsible production?