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Deutsches Technikmuseum - 2012

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The donation contains six locations:

Exhibit of the Month December: Book Illustration of a Sea Battle, 1698

Colored etching, detail: A sailing ship in quiet sea. Numerous splendid uniformed naval officers are standing ready for battle.

Lined up like figures in a board game, the mighty Dutch fleet seems to be prepared to go into battle ...

Exhibit of the Month November: GDR Self-Assembly Computer Z 1013 from 1987

Photo: An old-fashioned, voluminous computer-rack

A treasure for the real computer freak, the self assembled and programmed Z 1013, high technology of the late GDR.

Exhibit of the Month October: Breslau Disinfection Apparatus, ca. 1940

Photo: The apparatus is about fifty cm high, with a diameter of forty cm. The nozzle is on top of the copper pot, now replaced with a flexible tube.

This apparatus helped to protect people from contagious diseases - the procedure was a little precarious.

Exhebit of the Month September: Fantastic Vehicles, Year of Production 2012

Photo of a hanging self made cardboard car

The "Flying Feather", created by young engineers in a workshop of our Junior Campus, is mobile both in the air and on the street.

Exhibit of the month August: Counting Scale, late 1930s

Photo of the three scale-pans

This clever scale rapidly and precisely allows to determine high quantities of small identical objects.

Exhibit of the month July: Groundbreaking Ceremony under the Swastika

Photo of the spade. It carries the label: Under the government of Adolf Hitler the breaking ground for the Autobahn network.

In 1933 this spade was used for Germany´s first "Autobahn" groundbreaking ceremony.

Exhibit of the Month June: Toy Robots (1960s until 2010)

Photo: A very colorful assembly of very different toy robots

Visitors can enjoy wooden, plastic or metal human-like machines representing the future.

Exhibit of the Month May: Pineapples and Sunflowers from Görlitzer Train Station, 1866

Photo: The yellow brick mould pieces are nicely decorated: On top are floral elements in change with pineapples lying on sunflowers.

150 years ago, travellers from Berlin towards the southeast were received by exotic terracotta-decorations at Görlitzer Train Station.

Exhibit of the Month April: Makeshift TV Antenna from a Russian Barrack, circa 1990

Photo: A wooden board is fixed on a bigger sheet metal. On the board is the antenna made of a thin metal strip and connected with the signalling cable.

Made with simple materials, this cubical quad antenna enabled a nearly interference-free radio and TV reception.

Exhibit of the Month March: Fishing Boat from the Curonian Lagoon, not to scale

Photo: The model ship is made of wood. Three white sails are set. A brown net with floats and stones is fixed at the mast for drying.

Until the end of the Second World War fishermen worked on boats like this in the curionian lagoon which is located in the eastern Baltic Sea.

Exhibit of the Month February: Dilatometer from Paris, circa 181

Photo: Close up of the dilatometers circular dial. It has a diameter of 15 centimetres and is shaped like a clock face.

How does the dilatometer determine the expansion of material samples?

With heat!

Exhibit of the Month January: Mercury Vapour Rectifier, circa 1941

Photo: An evacuated glass bulb with two graphite electrodes

How does this old fashioned rectifier convert alternating current into direct current?