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Deutsches Technikmuseum - 2013

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Exhibit of the Month December: Porcelain plate, 1983

Photo: A porcelain plate with a hand painted cartoon depicting an ancient motorcycle taxi with driver and passengers and a dedication to the opening of our predecessor museum.

This affectionately designed KPM-porcelain plate was a special gift to the opening of the Museum of Transport and Technology.

Exhibit of the Month November: Luxury album of a "Railway King", 1887

Photo: The lavish album cover is made from blue and yellow leather and decorated with golden floral ornaments. The album weights ca 20 kg and is around 55x60 cm in size.

This splendid unique specimen, present to a silver wedding anniversary, documents a part of German railway history.

Exhibit of the Month October: Torpedo Three-Speed Hub by Fichtel & Sachs AG, from 1937


Freewheel hub and backpedaling - such bicycle-comfort is made possible by this Torpedo hub.

Exhibit of the Month September: Siemens Teleprinter T68, from 1951

Photo: Detail of the teleprinter with dial and text message.

Until twenty years in the past to send a short message users needed a sixteen kilogram weighing "hardware", the teleprinter.

Exhibit of the Month August: Two Books on Style from the Museum Library

Black and white photo: Close up on attractively decorated suspenders with price tag (costing 2,75 German Reichsmark)

Large-scale advertising: Window display of a big Berlin department store with suspenders in the year 1926.

Exhibit of the Month July: Braille Typewriter and Adding Machine

Photo: Detail of the braille typewriter, developed by Oskar Picht, teacher for the blind in Berlin-Steglitz

Eight keys enable new jobs for blind people. Ultra modern in 1931: the "fastest adding machine in the world".

Exhibit of the Month June: Video Recorder "Grundig SVR 4004", manufactured in 1979

Photo: Close up on the digital display of the VCR-Recorder

In living room and school - the video recorder revolutionised media consumption.

Exhibit of the Month May: Rail Profile Gauge, around 1890

Photo: The tool is screwed onto a piece of rail. The iron bottom part encloses the flat rail foot, the gold-like top part from brass encloses the railhead. For measuring its buttons can be lowered onto defined points of the railhead.

This measuring instrument with its spider-like form seems like a theatrical prop from an old fashioned science fiction film.

Exhibit of the Month April: Goerz Fernglas, 1907/1908


These binoculars are a true Berliner - made in Berlin-Friedenau. They were used during the first world war.

Exhibit of the Month February: Yield from a Flea Market Visit by the Founding Director, 1983

Photo: Close up of a set of gears in an old children´s erector set

In the museum´s first year the founding director went to a flea market - and returned the house with several chance finds.

Exhibit of the Month January: Cinematograph, circa 1910

Photo: Film material of nitrocellulose, a picture series with four single images of a drawn little man.

Starting the new year we present a dangerous, but very popular children´s toy from the times of our great-grandparents.