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Photo: Young man in steel blue jacket with greyish white accents and dark pants is reclining on the greyish white tile floor between the copper brewing kettle and shiny fittings of the museum´s historic brewery.

© Yulia Kozlova

Photo: Young woman in a short brown leather coat stands in an old railway compartment with wooden bench seats and wood panelling.

© Michal Biernacki

Photo: Young woman in turquoise blue leather dress with red and green adornments stands in a railway compartment with red bench seats.

© Patricia Smolen

Photo: Young woman with a large, rectangular leather travel bag in the right hand poses before a wall made of old suitcases. Pants, bodice and jacket have a black-white-brown pattern.

© Anne Mahn

Photo: Young man in black pants, white shirt and black jacket casually stands in front of an old steam locomotive with his hands in his pants pockets. The whole setting is illuminated in a yellowish light.

© Nadine Hoffmann


The international photo event for the next generation of photographers

14 May to 24 August 2014
Gallery at the Photo Technology permanent exhibition

Photo: Young woman in colourful dress with fruit motifs stands in front of the red rod assembly of an old steam locomotive. She is acting out a farewell scene waving goodbye with a handkerchief in her right hand. In her left she is holding an old suitcase.

© Franziska Liebe, winner of "Berliner Linse 2013"

Every year, when the Centre for Photographic Education (ZffA GmbH) and FOCON (Photography Trade Guild in Berlin) call for the photography students from Lyon, Warsaw and Moscow to measure themselves against the German exchange students in the field of fashion photography, the next generation of creative photographers becomes the focus of attention for an international audience.

The highlight of this purposeful youth program is the annual preparation and realization of the Fashion Photography Workshop called the "Berliner Linse".

Avant-garde Fashion meets Technology

On the fifth of September, 2013 the popular workshop took place at the German Museum of Technology for the first time - in the museum´s engine sheds and in the brewery. The organizers purposely chose exhibition areas in which the exhibits would provide a stark contrast in terms of age, appearance and function to the avant-garde fashions and the styling of the models. The central conceptual task was to use the dichotomy between chosen motifs and the unique surroundings as the inspiration for creating impelling photographic images and to present them in a pertinent manner.

For most of the 60 young photography students this project was their first experience of working with an international team in a real fashion shoot. In view of this, the results, which not only display an incredible degree of professionalism but, in terms of creativity, imagery and perspective, an unexpected diversity as well, are all the more impressive.

This special exhibit presents 20 selected works that were created within the framework of the autumn 2013 workshop and provides information about the current opportunities stemming from the vocational training as well as suggesting additional avenues for further education in the field of photography.

Photo: Two models sitting at tables are getting made up and having their hair cut. The tables are covered with make up in many colours along with various make up implements.

Students from the Dieter Bonnstädter Make Up Academy work under heightened pressure styling the young models. © Achim Kirsch

The regular partners of the workshop are: 

ESMOD Berlin International University of Art for Fashion which makes the final exam projects of their young designers available, and
the Dieter Bonnstädter Make Up Academy Berlin, which uses the event to provide its students with the opportunity to make up and style fashion models for a real shooting.

And the winners are:  EVERYONE!

On September 20, 2013 the closing event, which included the awarding of prizes, took place in the German Technical Museum´s foyer: The "Berliner Linse" award went to Franziska Liebe for being the most dedicated and committed workshop participant. But all the other participants did not just leave with a collection of good photos for their own portfolios, but had instead the opportunity to also made new friends, discovered a special part of Berlin and gathered valuable experience for their future professional lives.

Headerfoto: © Eloise Roullais