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The donation contains six locations:

Photo: A young man in a bright blue jacket and knee-length lederhosen in front of an old Mercedes.

© Rico Kieffer / Design: Jan-Philipp Gerlach

Photo: A model in a black and coloured designer dress in front of a vintage car.

© Bianca Steppat / Design: Ines Kurzweg

Photo: : The model in front of the vintage car wears a top with Picasso-like motifs and an oversized red collar.

© Denise Stewin / Design: Sojin Park

Photo: Model in white and black trouser suit in front of a white racing car.

Technical rehearsal for the next shooting © Fred Baumgart

Photo: A helpful colleague straightens the collar of the designer dress.

The collar also needs to sit properly. © Inken Behne

Photo: The smiling winner with certificate has his arm around the organiser of the competition.

The 2014 LINSE winner Adam Gocel with the organiser Heide Schumann, ZffA (Centre for Photographic Training). © Norbert Kirsch

The BERLINER LINSE - underway with Auto & Co.

The international photography event for aspiring photographers

16 June 2015 - 31 January 2018

Exhibition "Man on the Move" in the loading sheds

Photo: Model in elegant black and white jacket and black culottes in front of the curved mudguard of a vintage car.

© Bianca Steppat / Design: Ida Christiansen and Jan-Philipp Gerlach

Avant-garde Fashion meets Vintage Vehicles

With the photo exhibition "The BERLINER LINSE - underway with Auto & Co", the photography division of the German Museum of Technology presents another competitive exhibition featuring fashion photography, fashion designs, and styles from aspiring professionals in those industries. The 21 selected works as well as a making-of feature for the workshop can be seen directly in their context of origin, the exhibition "Mensch in Fahrt / Man on the move - underway with Auto & Co".

Creative up-and-coming talents remain the focal point of international public attention each year when the ZffA gGmbH (centre for photography education) and the FOCON (photographer's guild in Berlin) challenge the photography students of European partner establishments to go up against German exchange students in a fashion photography competition.

Each year this award-winning youth exchange program culminates in the preparation and execution of the fashion photography workshop "Berliner Linse" in cooperation with the German Museum of Technology. Further regular partners include the Berlin International University of Art for Fashion - ESMOD - and the Makeup Artist School Dieter Bonnstädter, which gives its students the opportunity to style models for a real photo shoot here.

Photo: The male model sits in front of a vintage car. Two photographers and a lighting technician check the lighting.

The correct lighting is crucial for a successful photo. © Fred Baumgart

The German Museum of Technology - A Place of Inspiration

The great size of the German Museum of Technology and the diversity of subject matter covered there enable organisers to find new and unusual themes for the workshop's main task every year that uniquely challenge participants to create exciting pictorial compositions using the dichotomy of motif and environment while at the same time bringing the two together into a coherent whole.
In 2014 ESMOD graduate candidates at the car exhibition were allowed to choose either a luxury limousine, horse carriage, or world record-holding vehicle from which to derive inspiration for the theme of their final projects.

For many of the young aspiring photographers the workshop on September 30, 2014 this was their first experience doing a real fashion photo shoot with an international team. Added to that was the excitement of working in the public eye, since museum visitors were able to witness the process live and in person. What is even more astounding is the results, which not only have a professional look to them, but are also very diverse in their creativity, pictorial language used, and viewpoint.

Photo: Coloured streaks are given to a young man with a bare chest.

Styling with fun: Model Chris is given blue streaks. © Inken Behne

And the winners are... EVERYONE!

The BERLINER LINSE prize is not awarded to the most professional photo, but rather to the most dedicated participant: This time Adam Gocel was recognized for his work.

Beyond that, the great degree to which the participants really grew together as a team through their collaborative work effort and shared experiences in Berlin was palpable during the final event on 02/10/2014 on the cargo quay of the Museum of Technology.

Header photo: © Denise Stewin / Design: Marlies Pätzold