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Deutsches Technikmuseum - 2015

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The donation contains six locations:

Exhibit of the Month: Hat block for a woman’s hat, 1950s

Photo: In the foreground the wooden hat block with folds and decorative bobble, in the background the finished red hat.

No, it is not talked through this hat to say, that only 60 years ago to produce a hat like this could have been hard manual labour.

Exhibit of the Month: "Der Filmtexter" - Letter Case with Mounting Board, 1960

Photo: Small and big letters are neatly arranged in individual boxes. On the board in the middle of the case you can read the word "end".

The end! No this is not the end, it`s just the beginning of the page for small and grown up captions writers from times of black-and-white television.

Exhibit of the Month: Empty moulted shell of a lobster

Photo: The head of the lobsters molt shell: It mainly consists of chitin.

Why is an object from the animal world found in the collection of the Deutsches Technikmuseum? Take a look and be surprised!

Exhibit of the Month: File for the Berlin Palace dome, 1847

Photo: Text block of the folders left page, the finalised contract and the four signatures handwritten in German Kurrent. On the left margin a red seal.

Signatured and sealed, the contract for entrepreneur August Borsig to brighten up Berlin City Palace with a wrought-iron dome.

Exhibit of the Month: Sample Case for Colonial Goods, circa 1925

Photo: The sample cases with 35 tins with glass tops, inside are rice, cocoa, tea and exotic spices.

Hundred years ago a sample case like this served mercantile agents to display exotic spices and food seasonings.

Exhibit of the Month: NAG radiator, circa 1906

Photo: The letters NAG are applied in the middle of the round radiator which is made of wire mesh.

Radiator construction is an art. For over a century now, cooling experts have been protecting motors against the kind of extreme heat.

Exhibit of the Month: Trams made of lead and zinc, the 1920s

Photo: The picture is divided into two parts: Below is the printing template upside down, above you see properly the black and white motif of the tram car, drawn by two horses.

The Berlin tram is celebrating its 150th birthday! We show trams not only as a print motif, but also in original size.

Exhibit of the Month: Tools inside the Quadriga, ca. 1956

Photo: An unusual object in the workshop of the Deutsches Technikmuseum in 1991 - a large copper horse.

Virtually from the "belly of history": Tools found in one of the horses' bodies during the Quadriga`s restoration work in 1991.

Exhibit of the Month: The Hacker Tron’s Cryptofon (Prototype), 1998

Photo: The Cryptofon consists of various hardware parts, which are arranged on a base plate side by side: control processor and the ISDN hardware on a board, smart card reader with smart card, single-line LCD display and keypad.

To protect privacy, Berlin hacker Tron developed this unit with integrated voice encryption that made telephones tap-proof.

Exhibit of the Month: Patented wristwatch "Rotational Time", 2004

Photo: A look at the black watch face with its three white number rings and its four hands.

How does this watch run? Can you tell us the time it shows? And when does one need such a "smart" wristwatch?

Exhibit of the Month: Sheet metal letters from the Anhalter Bahnhof, ca. 1880

Photo: Four capital letters, made from sheet metal: S, B, E and L

Last memorabilia of the most famous historic station in Berlin, its "Gateway to the South".

Exhibit of the Month: Ski boots and ice skates, circa 1935

Photo: The skate blades are attached to elegant semi-tall brown lace-up boots. The ski boots are made of brown leather and have a thick sole.

Sometimes elegant, sometimes rugged and always very sporty: footwear for "cool" winter sports 80 years ago.