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Deutsches Technikmuseum - 2016

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Exhibit of the Month: Company magazine "Echo Continental", 1913-1941

Drawing: The drawing depicts three polar bears on an ice floe that are curiously watching a propeller plane flying in the sky above them.

Featuring aircraft tires or hot-water bottles - already 100 years ago German Continental AG designed a noble "product-echo".

Exhibit of the Month: Leibniz Calculating Machine, 1695 (1992 reproduction)

Photo: Detail: Two rotary handles to regulate numerical entry.

300 years ago this uncommon machine fulfilled an eternal wish of mankind: Never more "menial work of calculation" ...

Exhibit of the Month: Kienzle-Taximeters, 1920-1967

Photo: A taximeter with a hinged red flag on which the letters FREI can be seen. It´s face has a display showing the distance travelled as well as the fare and any surcharge.

Peacemaker because of accurate precision engineering: Taxi watches promoted incorruptibility and punctuality and thus all-round satisfaction.

Exhibit of the Month: Kozo, Gampi and Mitsumata, 1987

Photo: The picture shows three brown sacks that are filled with the dried fibres of the plants Kozo, Gampi and Mitsumata, each with different grey-brown hues.

Well-travelled and rare in Europe - the plant raw materials for "Washi", traditional handmade Japanese papers.

Exhibit of the Month: The PHÖNIX high-frequency appliance, 1926 - 1930

Photo: 20 glass electrodes attached to the base and lid of an open box. The electrodes come in many shapes running from mushroom-shaped to comb-like. Other contents are a handle, a plug and an electromechanical contact breaker with a PHÖNIX label.

Health aid in a noble suitcase - owing to most variable attachments this device was able to relieve almost each ailment.

Exhibit of the Month: Railway detonators from the German Railway, 20th century

Photo: A detonator is situated on a piece of rail. The round disc is about as wide as the top surface of the rail and one centimetre high. Beside transport containers in the warning colours of red and yellow, with the symbol for explosives.

Highly explosive and loud - and perhaps lifesaving: Detonators as acoustic warning when visibility is poor.

Exhibit of the Month: Flyer’s daggers from the National Socialism era, 1934-1945

Photo detail: The upper part of the discovered dagger´s scabbard. Its former blue leather ist nearly decomposed, the metal of the scabbard and the dagger´s crossguard are deeply corroded.

Buried in soil for decades - but then discovered by pure chance and restored for contemporary witness.

Exhibit of the Month: Electronic control unit of the COOKBIT kitchen computer, 1976

Photo: The image shows the right part of the face of the control panel with three operating buttons (two for hot plates, one for the plate warmer).

The first "smart kitchen" stove made in Germany - cook 120 different meals by only pushing separate buttons!

Exhibit of the Month: Profile cylinder lock and locking system model from Zeiss Ikon

Photo: In the background a wooden block model of a central locking system with six cylinder locks and the corresponding keys (left and right). In the foreground is a blue presentation case with a 1960s Zeiss Ikon cylinder lock.

This locking system - still today used by nearly each household - is based on a more than 4000 years old principle.

Exhibit of the Month: Sketchbook, sample plate and guilloche pendant, 1995/2015

Photo: A Sketchbook and a sample plate from jewellery old master Walter Zaiß, ca. 1995, and a guilloche engraved pendant by jewellery designer Katharina Gisch, 2015 © SDTB / photo: C. Kirchner

Guilloché, a sophisticated and nearly forgotten jewellery design technique, is lively preserved at the Deutsches Technikmuseum.

Exhibit of the month: Last TV picture tube made in Berlin, 2006

Photo: Side view of the picture tubes central component: below the picture screen, above the funnel-shaped body of the picture tube.

For 70 years transmissioner of information, dreams and entertainment, then suddenly sorted out, the picture tube ...

Exhibit of the Month: Model of the Treptow Giant Telescope, ca. 1895

Photo: The fully functional model of the Treptow Giant Telescope with observation platform and counterweights.

At first a small model - today main highlight of attraction at the Archenhold Observatory and a monument of technology.