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Exhibit of the Month: Color Motion demonstration model, 1990s

Photo: The demonstration model of the advertising wall: Each of the 64 four-coloured cubes is mounted on a small electric motor. © SDTB / Photo: C. Kirchner

Innovative advertising almost 30 years ago: No less than 12,800 electric motors control the message on this "megawall" of eight square meters ...

Exhibit of the Month: Remote control unit for traffic lights, 1959

Photo: The panel has many buttons on its tilted face and a telephone with a rotary dial on the housing. The traffic lights can be dialled with the telephone. The buttons could then be used to change, for instance, the green phase at the traffic light. © SDTB / Foto: C. Kirchner

"Green wave" in 1959: This control panel from Siemens could remotely control up to 999 traffic lights ...

Exhibit of the Month: Special characters for the State Library, 1996

Photo: A new designed "dot" and a small "u" for the "Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke", an ongoing project of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. © SDTB / Photo: C. Kirchner

The "Alte Schwabacher" - a script going back to the 15th century is still to be extended, here with 255 special characters for a print in the 1990s.

Exhibit of the Month: Toilet from a Sojus Spacecraft, 1972

Photo: The picture shows a watering can shaped white container with an orange lid. Extending from that is a handle on which a long beaker with a plastic covering is attached. © SDTB / Photo: C. Kirchner

The toilet is an important component of a spaceship: A malfunction can lead to a spaceflight being aborted ....

Exhibit of the Month: Fermentation Tank Stopper (Boehringer Ingelheim)

Photo: The rubber stopper has a stem with a horizontal handle on the end. The lower rubber is brownish while the upper part is greyish. The stem has the same colour hue up to shortly before the handle. The rest of the stem and handle are darkly stained. © SDTB / Photo: C. Kirchner

Since 1923, citric acid, familiar additive in soft drinks, ice cream or cleaning agents, is not extracted from real fruits ...

Exhibition of the Month: Negretti & Zambra Deep-sea Thermometer, circa 1880

Photo: A small, scaled glass tube containing mercury is encased in a wooden frame. The small tube has a prominent bend at the upper end. © SDTB / Photo: C. Kirchner

The upper end - with a bend - made it possible at last in the 19th century to get reliable deep-sea temperatures.

Exhibit of the Month: Graziella Junior Folding Bicycle, 1969

Photo: White children´s bike with yellow tires and blue seat. The fenders as well as the chain guard and handlebar are chromed. The folding mechanism is found right in front of the bottom bracket. There is a hexagon key in a holder on the seat post. © SDTB / Photo: C. Kirchner

Adventurous childhood: My first bicycle and the whole world expands ...

With audio guide "200 years on two wheels"

Exhibit of the Month: Trouser Presser from the Company Horolac, 1930 - 35

Photo: There are two back-to-back highly polished rectangular plates that can be separated by squeezing two wooden blocks that are attached to clamps on the plates. This construct is attached to a wooden handle that has an electric cord coming out of it. © SDTB/ Photo: C. Kirchner

This device promised to make a razor-sharp crease in just one minute - even while the pants were being worn.

Exhibit of the Month: Hand-held fire extinguisher "Spitztüte", 1926

Advertising poster from the founding years of the Minimax company © SDTB/Historisches Archiv. The graphic shows a stylized, athletic looking angel fighting a burning fire with a fire extinguisher shaped like a pointed cone.

"A fire will soon be weak as a mouse, if Minimax is in the house!"

Go and see for yourself!

Exhibit of the Month: Advertising column displaying the medication Contergan, 1958

Graphic - detail of the ad poster: A man in supine position fills a handful of white pills in a funnel, its spout he had pushed directly in his mouth. Text: "To carry a victory over narcotic abuse, take 1 or 2 tablets Contergan-forte".

From todays’ perspective, the glib text on this column advertising Contergan seems more than just starry-eyed.

Exhibit of the Month: Instant cameras, 1948 and 2013

Photo: The Polaroid 95 from 1948, the first ever instant camera.

Ten years ago declared dead with the triumph of the smartphone, the "Polaroid look" is back again.

Exhibit of the Month: Toy models of 1930s MITROPA railway coaches

Photo: Detail of a burgundy-red model of a MITROPA railway carriage: The roof can be flipped open to reveal the sleeping car interior furnishing, which is reminiscent of a doll´s house.

Whether as tall carriage or as small toy - a MITROPA railway carriage originally embodied modern image and luxurious travelling.