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Deutsches Technikmuseum - 2017

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The donation contains six locations:

Exhibition Archive 2017

Here you can find out about temporary exhibitions in the past. You can’t visit them in the museum any more, but here on the web you can see a little of what you’ve missed.

Photo exhibition: "Wüüüste!" - Erich "Wüste" Hoffmann and Cycling in Berlin

Black and white photo: Victory lap: "Wüste" Hoffmann, winner of the Blaues Band (Blue Ribbon), Werner Seelenbinder-Kampfbahn in Berlin-Neukölln, 1946. © SDTB / Historical archive, photo print, Sportbild-Verlag Max Schirner, Berlin

"Wüüüste!" he was cheered by the audience ... In the 1930s and 1940s this now nearly forgotten Berlin cyclist claimed 500 victories in over 2,000 races.

25 July to 16 October 2017

Photo exhibition: 100 years of Zündapp: Industrial photos by Albert Renger-Patzsch

Black and white photo: Fully assembled motorcycles stand in rank and file at the end of the factory hall. A chain belt with transport baskets is shown in the background, bringing parts to the individual assembly points.

New Objectivity in the photography of the 1930s: motorcycles arranged in exact rows reveal ornamental qualities.

19 April to 16 July 2017

New exhibition: Oceans - An Expedition in Unexplored Depths

Photo: A 1 mm long deep-water decapod (Segestes larva) floats at a depth of 3000 metres and keeps its balance by means of threadlike antenna. Mature Sergestidae prawns are able to generate weak bioluminescence (self-produced light). South Atlantic © Solvin Zankl

Let's accompany thrilling scientific expeditions to the enormous blue cosmos: Fascinating photographs from "other continents" and their inhabitants.

20 January to 2 July 2017, Section "Shipping", New Building: 2nd floor

Photo exhibition: From department store to Tacheles

bw photo: View from the entrance Friedrichstraße in the direction of the dome, 1908. The passage was roofed with a flat glass ceiling. © SDTB / photo F. Kullrich

A shrine to consumerism, prestigious company address and contested art house: the Friedrichstraßen-Passage in Berlin.

12 October to 4 April, photo technology gallery