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Special exhibitions – covering a wide range of themes

With its permanent and special exhibitions, the museum has made a name for itself as a recognised and independent high-profile educational establishment. It actively shapes the political and scientific debate on the role of technology and science in modern societies by also organising lectures, symposia and congresses.

Photo exhibition: Faces of Work, East Berlin industrial plants (1971-1986)

BW-photo: VEB Elektrokohle Lichtenberg (EKL), 1979 - An older worker in a dirty work apron uses a brief break to comb her hair, laughing. SDTB, Historical Archive / Photo: Günter Krawutschke

Photographer Günter Krawutschke is a chronicler of a reality that only a few years later ceases to exist.

Große Galerie, New Building, 4th floor
6 March 2019 to 8 March 2020

Last chance: Stormy seas and mighty swells

Full hurricane south of Cape Horn. © SDTB, Historical Archive / Photo: Franz Graf von Larisch-Moennich

Far away from home silesian count Franz Graf von Larisch-Moennich finds most powerful photographic patterns.

Photo technology gallery
Until 31 March!

Special exhibition: "Architectura navalis – Floating Baroque"

Image: The exhibition poster. It shows a pen-and-ink-drawing of a three-masted ship with billowing sails. Underneath it can be seen a few splotches of blue ink. © BNF; image: Schiel-Projekt GmbH

What do the tall ships of the Baroque era have in common with the palaces of Louis XIV or the Berlin City Palace?
We provide surprising links.

11 October 2018 to 13 October 2019

Special exhibition: 40 years of Germans in space

Photo: Smiling Alexander Gerst in his pressure suit. He was working on the outer shell of the ISS during his first extra-vehicular activity on 7th October 2014. © DLR

Minor and major events from space travel in the divided and reunited Germany - a trip back in time with 100 exhibits and some surprising anecdotes.

Aerospace exhibition, 4th floor
20 September 2018 to 31 March 2019

Special exhibition: Mathematics of Planet Earth

Graph: The circular orbits of the navigation-satellite Galileo were set like a net around the globe.

Three multi-media and interactive works on mathematics of volcanic eruption, melting glaciers and tsunamis.

Until further notice