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Exhibit of the Month July 2011

Photo: A colourless plastic helmet with a zip to divide it in the middle

"Space bubble" with zip © C. Kirchner/SDTB

Hairstyle Protective Hood for Air Hostesses, USA 1965

The plastic hood "Space Bubble" belonged to a collection that the Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci created for the American airline Braniff International. It was meant to protect the hair from wind and weather between the airport buildings and the aircraft. The name is due to its similarity to an astronaut helmet.

The hood was rarely used because the plastic was easily broken and the bulky helmets were difficult to store on the planes. In addition, entry into airplanes happened increasingly via passenger boarding bridges that led into the terminal building and made the hair protection unnecessary.

Appearance and Sex Appeal as a Marketing Strategy

Between 1965 and 1974, Emilio Pucci developed several collections for the cabin crew of Braniff International. He broke away from the traditional uniform for flight attendants and instead relied on fashionable colours, striking patterns, and unconventional styles from his haute couture.

The suits gave expression to the changing image of the stewardess in the 1960s. The appearance and sex appeal of flight attendants moved into the foreground during this decade and were used specifically by airlines as a marketing strategy.

Donation: Frau Susanne Heymann, Berlin