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Exhibit of the Month November 2011

Photo: In the background two light-yellow T-Shirts. The "raisin bomber" baton in the foreground is made from metal, the telescope one is made from plastics

Batons and team-shirts © SDTB / C. Kirchner

Two Relay Teams, 2011

On 24 June 2011, two teams of a total of ten museum colleagues and friends of the museum took part in the Berlin Water Authority’s 5.5 kilometre team relay race. Because a certain "fun factor" for the sporting event was definitely desired, the batons were allowed to be self-made.

For the occasion, a museum colleague made for both teams appropriate "sceptres" with the names "Shooting Star" and "Raisin Bomber": a model of the Treptow Giant Telescope and a model of the "Douglas C-47" airplane. The teams ran the 25-kilometre course through Tiergarten with regalia and seized overall a triumphant 2528th place, as well as the 3068th place — rear midfield.

Thus for the next team relay race, equipping the model of the Raisin Bomber with a real engine is under consideration, in order to provide the runners

  1. cooling, and
  2. quicker advancement.

There aren’t any plans yet for the "Shooting Star" team, because the effects of the speed of light cannot be adapted to the model telescope, due to the basic laws of physics.