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Exhibit of the Month May 2012

Photo: The yellow brick mould pieces are nicely decorated: On top are floral elements in change with pineapples lying on sunflowers.

Terracottas from Görlitzer Train Station, 1866 © SDTB / C. Kirchner

Pineapples and Sunflowers from Görlitzer Train Station, 1866

The terracottas ("burned Earth") come from Görlitzer Train Station in Berlin. That was nothing like the subway station we know today. Rather, a terminal station of the Berlin-Görlitzer Railway stood on the site, which now bears the name "Görlitzer Park", until 1975. The station building, in the style of an Italian palazzo, was built from designs by August Orth (1828 – 1901). He also planned the Berlin light-rail system and designed many churches. In the summer of 2012, his work is honoured with an exhibition in Korbach.

The Görlitzer Train Station on Wiener Straße was used from 1866 to 1951 for travel to Lausitz and the Riesengebirge (Giant Mountains). The station was shut down when West Berlin was intended to be cut off from its surroundings. Between 1962 and 1975, the station was demolished in stages. For years, the museum has owned a cast-iron capital from one of the entry columns, which can be seen in the engine shed.

Hauled away with a bicycle fifty years ago
Now, the architecture historian Goerd Peschken has donated two more brick mould pieces from the eave cornice of the two-storey administration building at the head of the train station on Spreewaldplatz, which he hauled away with a bicycle fifty years ago during the demolition. They have incorporated the form of a Doric temple cyma (gutters in form not in function) with antique palmettes and floral moulding.

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