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Deutsches Technikmuseum - February

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Exhibit of the Month February 2013

Photo: To the left the erector set, in the middle the Anker building block set, to the right an old fashioned gasoline lamp. Somebody has built an architectural Anker block portal and the beginning of a metal framework construction

Chance Discoveries of a flea market visit 1983 / Please zoom!

Chance Discoveries from a Flea Market Visit by the Founding Director

The "Objects of the Month" in 2013 were all procured in 1983, the museum’s first year. We are showing with this the spectrum of our early collections.

In the month of February, the yield of a flea market expedition by Günther Gottmann, the first director of the Deutsches Technikmuseum, can be seen. He brought a building block set, a miner’s lamp, and an erector set to the museum — chance finds from a flea market visit.

Photo: The erector set with various stamped metal beams and discs

The erector set / Zoom

According to Gottmann, he bought the erector set because he wished for children to be allowed to build and try things out for themselves in his museum.

From this wish, the plans for the Science Center Spectrum were later developed.

The building at the beginning of Ladestraße is currently being renovated – as of August 2013 there will again be space for research and experimentation.

Photo: In the Anker building block set the blue, red and yellow blocks are stored very carefully in their boxes. The brazen miner’s lamp has a magnetic closure which prevents the lamp from opening in the mine

Anker building block set and gasoline lamp / Zoom

Gasoline lamps like this were used in mining. They had a safety mechanism: if a dangerous gas mixture developed in the coal mine, they lit up and everyone left the mine. This lamp was produced in Poland in the 1970s, indicated by the embossed numbers.

Because the Deutsches Technikmuseum does not have a mining department, this lamp was never exhibited. Thus, it was in Director Gottmann’s office until his retirement.

The Anker building block set was developed in 1875 by Gustav Lilienthal, brother of the aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal. To show what both brothers also did apart from flying, such a kit is exhibited in the aerospace exhibition on the 3rd Floor.

The building block kit in the display case was produced about a hundred years ago. Which children played with this classic toy before it came to the museum from a flea market thirty years ago?

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Photo: C. Kirchner