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Exhibit of the Month April 2013


The Goerz binocular, model Trieder Binocle, 1907/1908 © SDTB / C. Kirchner

Goerz Fernglas, 1907/1908

These binoculars are a true Berliner. They were made in 1907/1908 in the factory of C.P. Goerz Optical Works on Friedenauer Rheinstraße 45/46. The firm produced over 23,000 binoculars per year in the first decade of the 20th century. Prior to World War I, they were used by various European armies and indeed on the battlefields between 1914 and 1918 as well.

During the war, the binoculars exhibited here were used by an airman for remote sensing from the air. After 1918, they were used for civilian purposes and remained in possession of the airman’s family until 1982. But how did they come to the museum?

The airman’s daughter kept the binoculars after his death. Due to a move in 1982, she searched for a permanent repository for the memento. She found it in the former Museum for Transport and Technology in Berlin. The letter exhibited here to the former director, Günther Gottmann proves that objects come into the museum in a variety of ways—sometimes also as a result of sad events.

The "Objects of the Month" in 2013 were all procured in 1983, the museum’s first year. We are showing with this the spectrum of our early collections.

Inv.-Nr.: 1/1983/0042.