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Exhibit of the Month September 2014

Photo: Lovingly crafted locomotive model with all the technical details

Important new acquisition: Model of the 1940 steam locomotive 64 497 © SDTB / C. Kirchner

Model of the 1940 steam locomotive 64 497, produced around 1965

With the arrival of this hand-made locomotive model, which is a new addition to the museum’s collection, a gap in our documentation of the development of German locomotives has been closed.
At a scale of 1:18, this finely detailed piece, which was presumably made by a Franconian railwayman in the throws of nostalgia, was acquired with the help of our Friends of the Museum. Unfortunately, not much more is known of its origins.

Series 64 of the German State Railway

Series 64 of the German Reichsbahn (State Railway) was a lightweight passenger train tank locomotive for branch lines. The first was built in 1926 and, before production was halted in 1940, a total of 520 were produced. Its operating weight amounted to 75 tons. It was part of the German "standard design locomotives" program of 1925 which differentiated itself from other vehicle families through standardization, typing and interchangeability.

Unfortunately, the museum has not been able to acquire an original locomotive of that vintage but it does have standard design locomotives from a later period, including the engine 50 001 on track 8A and the locomotive 01 1082 on track 9A in engine shed No. 2. The express locomotive 01 173, owned by our Friends of the Museum, rounds out the group.

Black and white photo: The steam locomotive with six passenger wagons at full speed

State Railway steam locomotive 64 331 on the Heidekraut railway line near Berlin, circa 1965 © Konsum Magdeburg / Photo: Rudolf Kampmann

By 1972, use in the German Federal Railway

The original locomotive, which carried the identification number 64 497, was produced for the Reichsbahn by Essling Engineering Works under the serial number 4385. The original vehicle operated for many years in the Upper Franconian maintenance depot of the German Bundesbahn (Federal Railway) in Nuremberg.

For this reason, the model, too, is decorated with the emblem of the Bundesbahn. In the new German Bundesbahn numbering system implemented in 1968 the locomotive was given the designation 064 497-1 under which it was taken out of service at the Weiden Railway Depot.

Around 20 locomotives of this type are preserved in various museums, seven of which are still capable of being operated. This model will eventually be housed in the display case located near track 3A in engine shed No. 2 as part of the exhibit "1927: Thirty German locomotive manufacturers".