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Exhibit of the Month December 2017

Color Motion demonstration model, 1990s

Eight times eight coloured cubes successively form ever-new patterns and letters. Each of the 64 four-coloured cubes is attached to a small electric motor. The position of the individual cubes is regulated such that the successively displayed letters spell out a message.

Photo: Colourful motion advertising with Color Motion: The surface of the original consists of 12,800 cubes.

The demonstration model of the advertising wall: Each of the 64 four-coloured cubes is mounted on a small electric motor. © SDTB/ Photo: C. Kirchner

Touted as the "Billboard of the Future"

This model demonstrates the functioning of one of Deutsches Technikmuseum’s new large-scale objects: the advertising and information wall Color Motion. It was deployed at the Ruhr-Park shopping centre in Bochum in the 1990s and was touted as the “billboard of the future”. 12,800 cubes created an approximately four by two metre motion advertising space in the form of computer operated graphic animations. In addition, current news could be transmitted in "real time" on the display board by means of an analog modem.

Photo: Pictured is an approximately five by three metre advertising wall being lifted out of a truck and over the outer façade of the Deutsches Technikmuseum by a crane.

A crane was used to move the 1.6-ton Color Motion advertising wall from the truck into the museum. © SDTB / Photo: E. Kudraß

Rather modest picture quality

The picture quality of the Color Motion was rather modest when compared to today’s video walls with their giant, high-definition LED monitors, but back then the rotatable cubes represented an innovative technical solution for colourful motion advertising on large surfaces.

There was a similar display board on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin around 1990: With its 279 square metre area it created quite a stir as "the world’s biggest wall newspaper".

Supporters wanted for the project "Recommissioning of the Advertising Wall"

The Color Motion was developed by the advertising firm Text Lite and transported from Gelsenkirchen to Berlin in 2017.
After 20 years downtime, the Deutsches Technikmuseum now wants to bring it back to life. We are looking for people with electronics or informatics knowledge or soldering skills.

Are you interested in supporting the project? Then please contact us at info@sdtb.de.