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Exhibit of the Month July 2018

Photo: An illuminated red pentagram star: Its original position was the dot of the character "j" of the Sojus sign.

The dot on the "j": At the end of April 2018 the signs were removed from the façade of the former Sojus cinema by the Deutsches Technikmuseum. © SDTB / photo: Clemens Kirchner

Illuminated sign, 1980s

This red, 120 centimetre star was originally part of the sign for the Sojus Cinema - it was the dot on the "j".

There were tens of thousands of pre-fabricated flats built in the GDR between 1976 and 1987. In 1981 the cinema opened its doors in a housing development located in Berlin-Marzahn.

Its name pertained to the Russian Sojus rocket and fit in well with the nearby "Allee der Kosmonauten", which in 1978 had been named in honour of Sigmund Jähn, the first German in space, and Soviet cosmonaut Waleri Bykowski, both of whom attended the inauguration ceremony.
In that same year the two cosmonauts flew to the Soviet Saljut 6 space station in the Sojus 31 spaceship.

The Sojus’ auditorium had an impressive 320 seats and an admission price of 1.85 GDR marks. After reunification, the Düsseldorf company Ufa-Kinos took over the Sojus but eventually sold it again in 1999.

The photo shows the old façade of the “Kino Sojus” with the illuminated sign; two high-rise buildings can be seen behind the cinema. The photo was taken in 2017.

The Sojus cinema in Berlin-Marzahn in a very poor state of repair, 2017 © imago / photo: Jürgen Ritter

That same year Kino! Kino! Entertainment GmbH reopened the Sojus as a second-run cinema utilizing the "One dollar movie" business model: Hereby newly released film premiers shown in first-run theatres could be seen for much less money in the smaller second-run theatres a few months later.  In 2007, however, the cinema had to close.

After remaining empty for almost ten years the building was bought in 2016 by the property developers Regie Bauträgergesellschaft.

In order to memorialise the cinema, one of the three Sojus signs is to be mounted on the supermarket planned for the old location. From autumn 2018 onwards the other two will be on display in the Aviation exhibition at the Deutsches Technikmuseum, one of them in the special exhibition "40 years of German space flight" starting on 20 September.

Inventory number: 1/2018/1119