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Exhibit of the Month December 2018

Photo of a round wooden breakfast board. Another vertical breakfast board, a wooden plane, a scrub brush, a Sterling heat engine with copper and glass pistons as well as a flywheel are all mounted on it in such a way that it looks like a small machine.

"MEDIZINISCHES": Everyday objects and their reusability were the starting point for Klaus Koch when building his "art pieces". © SDTB / Photo: Clemens Kirchner


MECHANIACS collection by Klaus Koch, between 1970 and 2005

The legendary bulky trash era in 1970s Berlin inspired the artist Klaus Koch (1935-2018) to collect all kinds of everyday objects. He used them as the starting point for the construction of close to 400 small and large machines consisting of unusual materials and even more unusual shapes.

Koch, who also worked as a graphic designer, aphorist and illustrator, originally came from Cologne. He moved to the northern region of Germany by way of Berlin.

"Technical art pieces"

Klaus Koch called the machines MECHANIACS, which probably is a neologism combining "mechanics" and "maniacs". They could be set in motion by hand cranks or small steam engines or Sterling heat engines. They are not model machines for demonstrating operating principles but rather art works – Koch called them “technical art pieces”.

These arcane objects awaken both curiosity and an urge to play with them in children as well as in adults.

Photo: A man is sitting outdoors, tinkering with a machine that is attached to a wooden board. The machine is emitting steam.

Klaus Koch outdoors, tinkering with one of his machines. © SDTB

Since the end of the 1990s Klaus Koch had displayed his treasures in German, Danish and Dutch museums to great public acclaim and often personally demonstrated their function as well.

In 2015, he at long last consigned his MECHANIACS to the Deutsches Technikmuseum.


The exemplar shown here titled MEDIZINISCHES (Medicinal) mainly consists of a scrub brush, a cannula and a small wheel.

The object brings the fanciful, wayward character of the MECHANIACS to light and raises questions about how we deal with technology and the objects all around us.