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Museum park

Photo: On a summer day three children, sitting under a tree. are making colurful windmills.

Childrens workshop "Summerwind" in the museum park (summer holyday-programme 2013) © SDTB / C. Kirchner

Get a taste of the tension between nature and technology

The museum park on the premises of the former freight depot of Anhalter station is home to a variety of plants unique in Berlin.

The knotgrass from the Russian Sakhalin peninsula, the mahaleb cherry from the southern Danube region or even plants from overseas have found their way to this park. Together with the restored locomotive shed complex, this area offers visitors the rare opportunity to get a taste of the tension between nature and technology.

Two historical windmills are visible from afar and demonstrate pre-industrial energy conversion, constrasting modern solar penals.

During 2011 and 2013 visitors were offered getting to know much about sophisticated modern power engineering technologies in our special exhibition WINDSTÄRKEN, which was covering the subject of wind and wind energy (ended in October 2013).

Photo: Wild blue, white and yellow flowers

Summer in the museum park

Protection of existing living space for flora and fauna

Past and future construction projects and parallel landscape gardening ensure the protection of existing living space for flora and fauna, as well as sensible use of rail areas lying fallow as an outdoor area of the museum including a park which is currently planned for the neighbourhood.

Right beside the urban Gleisdreieck junction, one finds overgrown rail structures, impenetrable thickets, apparently disappearing paths, bizarre tree formations, a pond surrounded by reeds - unknown and adventurous experiences in front of the buildings of the Technikmuseum.