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Science Center Spectrum - Development lab

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Development lab

Photo of electronic components. © Christian Neuert

Looking inside a light-tone organ. © Christian Neuert

Creating experiments

Most of the experiments in Science Center Spectrum have been developed in our own development laboratory, where they are thoroughly tested before making their way into the exhibition. Our job is to think up modern educational experiments that convey scientific phenomena clearly and comprehensibly – not baffling “boxes”. Superfluous measuring devices are confusing, so we avoid them wherever possible.

Ideally an experiment should be self-explanatory, without any need to read long-winded instructions before starting. Our experiments must be robust too, and our planning and design has to take account of all the possibilities of misuse. The end result is a hard-wearing and robust experiment for day-in day-out exhibition operations.

Repairs, maintenance, redesign

However robust an experiment’s design and construction, sooner or later repairs will be necessary. So maintenance of the experiments is a routine aspect of the work of development lab, often involving improvements and redesign.