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The donation contains six locations:

Science Center Spectrum

Why is the sky blue? Can you see heat? Any why does a plane stay up in the sky? Just three of the hundreds of questions answered at Science Center Spectrum.

Photo: Two girls are listening the background noise by holding one ear on different plastic tubes.

Humming tubes © SDTB / C. Kirchner

Hands on - Minds on!

Some 150 interactive exhibits make science and technology a special experience at Science Center Spectrum. Attractive and astonishing phenomena encourage young and old alike to join in the experiments independently. Fundamental laws of nature, the basics of science and technical principles are explained in a fun way.

These exhibits are made to be touched – and often you need to use your other senses too. A visit to Science Center Spectrum is a fascinating and eventful journey into the world of science and technology, which fires your imagination and makes you think.

An educational role

Giving visitors the opportunity to explore and experiment for themselves in a playful manner is a must at Science Center Spectrum. By making it entertaining and enjoyable to find out about science and technology Science Center Spectrum plays an important role in public education.

Space for science

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of science and technology. Waiting for you we have eight wide-ranging themes spread out over about 1,400 of space on four floors, and lots of exciting events too.