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The Technoversum Project

Drawing: The grounds of the Deutsches Technikmuseum on which the Technoversum is to be built.

The grounds of the Deutsches Technikmuseum on which the Technoversum is to be built. © Carsten Bruns

Technology as a part of our current and future culture

The globalisation of business, science and technology as well as the networking of individual areas of life are advancing faster than anyone could have expected when the Deutsches Technikmuseum was founded back in 1982. In order to take this development into account, the museum is now introducing a new approach regarding the analysis and representation of technology as a part of our current and future culture.


The museum's next major expansion stage

This approach will take shape in the museum's next major expansion stage - the Technoversum. Our work is guided by two basic principles: Many important events in world history would not have been conceivable without certain technological developments and the history of technology can only be understood against a backdrop of general history. We intend to illustrate these principles with the help of selected themes. In this way it becomes obvious how much our cultural area was, is and will always remain not only a room for common ideas and values, but also a room for cooperative inventions and production.

The Deutsches Technikmuseum thus presents itself as a venue where issues of topical interest are discussed against a historical backdrop - issues the answers to which have a far-reaching impact on our future.

In focus are six forums within which certain issues in different fields (e.g. mobility, energy, communication, production and trade) are visualised in theme-related rather than collection-related exhibitions.
In addition to dealing with the history - in other words, with the past - of these issues, the forums will also demonstrate the current state of the art of a given technology (present) and its possible further development (future).