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Road traffic

Photo: The Rumpler-Tropfenwagen in the wind tunnel.

The road traffic division encompasses one of the most comprehensive and diverse collections at the German Museum of Technology. More that 200 cars and trucks, around 250 motorcycles and over 300 bicycles are included in our inventory.

Poster: The green NAG racing car from the twenties of the last century and the motto "Man on the move"

The NAG racing car © Volker Kreidler

Started on May 13, 2011, the doors of the new exhibition about (auto-) mobility now are open. Visitors are able to admire the high-wheel bicycle and luxury cars and horse-drawn carriages and world record holding race cars displayed in the 1,400 sq. metre exhibition space in the newly restored loading sheds of the former Anhalter freight station.

The exhibition "Man on the move - underway with Auto & Co" presents innovative and unusual exemplars. In addition to an assortment of carriages, bicycles and motorcycles there are 30 cars on display: from the excitingly styled Colani GT (1951) all the way to the streamlined Saab 92A (1951).

Special emphasis in the exhibition is given to electric vehicles. They serve to open the floor to the currently relevant question about whether the monopoly of the combustion engine will soon come to an end.


The restoration of the two loading sheds is friendly sponsored by:

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