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Exhibit of the Month March 2019

Photo: Ten books "Enquire Within Upon Everything" from editions between 1908 and 1988.

Portal to a world full of information: an analog book as inspiration for the development of the digital world. © SDTB

The Encyclopedia "Enquire Within Upon Everything”, 1908 - 1988

England, the 1960s: In the bookshelf of his parents little Tim Berners-Lee finds an old book that has the auspicious title "Enquire Within Upon Everything". The book promises to provide advice about everything: "Whatever You May Wish to Do, Make, or to Enjoy".

It was created in 1856 as a kind of household encyclopedia and its many editions became popular items in British homes.

Tim Berners-Lee fascination with "Enquire Within" as a "portal to a world of information" continued even as an adult. He worked as a software developer at the CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research in the 1980s. There he developed the vision of software with which one could virtually access everything. ENQUIRE was the name he gave to the first programme he designed for structurally linking text files.

Graphic: On display is the first page of the project proposal "Information Management: A Proposal", including a sketch with clouds and arrows illustrating how the World Wide Web functions.

Tim Berners-Lee: "Information Management: A Proposal" © CERN 1989

Happy Birthday, WWW!

On 12 March 1989 Berners-Lee presented a project idea with the title "Information Management: A Proposal". That in the meantime famous document is the basis for the World Wide Web.

It describes how information between different computers can be linked and exchanged. For this, Berners-Lee developed the concept of the hyperlink through the use of which one could jump between documents on different computers and also created the standardised transfer protocol http.

Emanating from CERN, this newly created system spread rapidly as the World Wide Web. Despite other more versatile Internet applications like e-mail or Messenger, on its 30th birthday the WWW is still one of the most widely used Internet services.

Happy Birthday, WWW!